Experiment Projects

Seller Song, The Hague-NL (2011)

At biweekly local market in the Hague (Haagse Markt) the sellers yell to sell their stuff. We tried to change the yelling into a song with a very simple tunes. Well it wasn’t easy as they are very very busy, no time to have a conversation or even fun. We got only one change to make a group of nice seller singing at last.


Less Bliss, The Hague-NL (2011)

The Europe crisis came in real finally. The budget cut in education, health, art and culture had made a massive protest throughout the country. This project is a respond to the issue, as now people have to be more selective to spend their money. This is an unhappy situation. With our last Euro coins we wanted to make something fun. With the help of friends, we divided them into 5 groups with the certain amount of money to buy some stuff. Since we need odd number of prices, the possible place to shop is supermarket and the big one near by is Albert Heijn. The bills when collected and viewed upside-down, they displayed a message.


checking and weighing groceries to get the right numbers
collecting the groceries and ended up with a dinner party to have more bliss
reading the number bills. unfortunately, one number wasn’t right but is forgiven. see if you can read it

Public Souvenirs, London-UK (2011)

Inspired by the most famous souvenirs from UK which are the miniature of red mailbox and phone booth. Every time I see them on the street it feels funny and somehow I think they are fake. To see them in real size and turn them into the giant ‘public souvenirs’ would make people have different perspective of how unique they are as the very normal public facilities.

I have doubt that the mailbox is fake until a postman came and took out the letters from the inside
the real size mailbox souvenir keychain
many phone booths in London are broken. I would like to increase its value by turning them into the giant souvenir keychain
a giant phone booth souvenir keychain

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