Jakarta Biennale

The 2015 edition of the Jakarta Biennale is called ‘Neither Forward nor Back’. This title comes from an Indonesian comedy film of the 1980s but refers to a local expression for a typical Indonesian situation. Link

Biennale Jogja XIII

In this biennale the artists are interested in conflicts about living spaces that have recently emerged in Yogyakarta, both at the elite and grassroots levels. Link

5th Asian Art Biennial

With the theme of the biennial ‘Artist Making Movement’ reflecting on the restlessness and instability observed in today’s Asian society, Irwan and Tita raise the issue of migrant workers, who generally they come from South East Asia and specially who come from Indonesia. Their ambition is to reflect the real situation and what has been happening through their creative process approach and radical imagination as artists. Link

Wani Ditata Project

a group exhibition responding the phenomena of a woman organization during New Order period in 80s-90s. Link