I come from Indonesia. Born in Palembang (South Sumatera) originally from Bukittinggi (West Sumatera), raised, work and live in Jakarta. I’m currently seeking a second studio base outside Indonesia.

To me art is a collection of memories that have stories, and each of them is capable of binding many things such as history, trends, technology up to personal experiences. In other words, we could make art as a field of ‘archeology’ by learning and studying it from various perspectives. My interest as an artist and designer is trying the limits of elasticity by linking art into life and social patterns, so it will create mutual emotional bond between ideas and events. Learn a new environment with the goal of reconstructing the new mechanism and respond it in the form of creative intervention are the work strategy that I always practice.

Since last year, I have studied the value and the meaning of happiness in urban people by creating specific concepts of playing. My project is about the series of play in public space that raised from social issue backgrounds. Responding to our city problems with fun improvisation and interacts. I believe that creating interactive project can touch people’s emotion by involving them as parts of the artworks. I offer play as the primary platform because it’s simple and fun. I believe play helps people feel happy and give positive influence. The project has been distributed through social medias and designed to respond social issues, improvise, create performances, utilize the situation and conditions in specific regions.

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