Upcoming Activities

“You Must Make Your Death Public”

Taking part as one of contributors on the Curatorial Programme 2015-16 of de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam. This is an introspective project, which seeks to probe the notion of crisis in contemporary society and its institutions. With its inception in a specific moment of crisis, the project attempts to analyse power relations through an interrogation of the peculiar formulation of aesthetics, language and location. It will explore the ways in which the meanings, values and behaviours that a society produces and promotes through its cultural forms and practices, almost always privilege some groups at the expense of others. The exhibition takes place from April 23 – June 12, 2016. Curated by Jussi Koitela, Renée Mboya, Asep Topan. Link: De Appel Arts Centre.

Urban Play-Playing Data

Coincided with “Megacities Asia,” an exhibition of large-scale sculpture and installation by artists who live and work in Asian cities of more than ten million people. Our project will generate through exploration of neighborhoods near the Museum and collaboration with individuals living and working there, this performance is a new iteration of the series Urban Play, which addresses local spaces, groups, and issues that are neglected or taken for granted. The project in Boston will be the first time it comes to the US. Link: MFA Boston


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